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Having a bathroom fixture malfunction or start leaking is a great worry and annoyance in the home and the best thing to do about it is to find a perfect fixture to withstand years of constant use. The American Standard Reliant 3 Centerset Bathroom Faucet is one model that is engineered exactly for that purpose. This model is like the ultimate of all American Standard bath faucets – it’s excellent in every single way. Here is an in-depth review to inform all the people out there who are in search for a bathroom faucet and explain why this is the one they should buy.

In 1986, we had a daughter who was still living with us and we were lucky enough to have a baby, and it was crucial to do improvements to our current living quarters. We wanted to expand it somehow, and we consequently concluded that we would have a nice extension. My company was doing good and the price for the build was roughly $55,000. The top priority was to find the best company possible. I believed I had got this one sewed up as I employed a member of the sports club I belonged to. That was my error.

He let me down badly since I did not get what was expected. However, a man with a monkey wrench, a blow torch and some copper tubing turned up. He saved the entire situation and his work was excellent. Not only this, he was very professional and polite.

If there’s anything you are able to take out of this experience, it’s to spend some time locating a trustworthy plumber in your area. Lucky for you, there are several actions to take to make certain you never face the issues that I did.

Hire a Professional

First, do not arrange it all by yourself. This is particularly important with regards to plumbing workmen. If you haven’t got familiarity with hiring tradesmen and firing them, you shouldn’t do this part yourself.

Second, carry out some research. Which means question people in your area or maybe in the cafes that you frequent. You should also talk to family members and work buddies too. They will tell you where you can go to locate top notch workmen.

Third, you should always get two or three price quotes from possible plumbers. Don’t jump aboard the least expensive price as this is not always the cleverest move to make. Plus, it can lead to something disastrous. If you do the research and obtain some quotations, you will be good to go.

General Description

The Reliant 3 faucet has a very elegant and classy appearance. The metal faucet also has a metal lever handle which are both very nice and attractive. You just can’t take your eyes off it. The washerless ceramic disc valve of the lever handle makes it very easy to use and manipulate, and it also promises a lifetime of leak-free and maintenance-free use. I believe that it will last for many more years.

The waterway of the faucet is made of very durable and resilient cast brass. There are also braided flexible supply hoses inside the faucet which make sure that the water supply is supported by the hose, and even heavy water flow will not damage it. This guarantees a long life with the strong and durable material of the faucet’s interior, and there will practically be no leak problems whatsoever. There’s also a 20” flexible stainless steel drain cable which is preassembled to the faucet body. This ensures efficient water consumption savings and a lot less waste. American Standard bath faucets are definitely very efficient and are designed to be in all of its aspects.

Product Features

The faucet has an adjustable hot limit safety stop which limits the amount of hot water mixed with the cold. This prevents the occurrence of accidental burns or the flow of very hot water to ensure the safety of the users. The model also has very low lead content as a form of compliance to the standard guidelines of the National Sanitation Foundation. The Exclusive Speed Connect metal drain is a trademark of American Standard which enables plumbers or even the homeowners themselves to install the drain very easily and quickly. There are fewer parts to the drain as compared to other brands and there are no adjustments required. Primary installation can last for as long as the faucet functions.

Other Features

The faucet has two choices of finish – polished chrome and satin nickel. The satin nickel finish looks less smooth than the polished chrome, but it has a nice touch to it that matches darker interiors. If your bathroom has no touches of glossy silver or aluminum, the satin nickel finish will blend perfectly in, no matter what color of bathroom you have. The faucet is also very easy to install because it drops in from the top and the quick spin nuts secure the faucet in place, allowing even you alone to install it.


I have seen the excellent features of the model, and just like what one expects from American Standard bath faucets, the American Standard Reliant 3 Centerset Bathroom Faucet is a very good model which can definitely provide long-lasting benefits to any user. There is no doubt that I am confident to highly recommend this model for people out there who are building new homes, renovating their bathrooms, or needs to replace their old faucets. With American Standard, you won’t worry about replacing your fixtures for a long time.

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